Oliver's Odyssey – 31

When Oliver and the team arrived on the island they were settled in an upper class residence.  Each was given his or her own apartment.  There was a dress code at work, suit and tie and  a behavioural guide meaning he had to be polite and helpful.

Oliver felt he could perform his tasks and keep himself distant and quiet so no one would notice him at the office.

After work,  Oliver would visit various places, be they dances or clubs.   Most were populated by what he would call ‘trash’.  Oliver would not touch trash.  He wanted a decent young lady, attractive enough, who would give him all her love.

On one occasion his  team visited a college campus.   Oliver decided this would be his base.   He’d attend all the functions there;  dances and concerts and lectures  and meet someone.

Someone he would dazzle.  Someone he could control.   Someone who wanted American Citizenship.


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Written by jaylar

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