Oliver's Odyssey – 31

The group to which Oliver was assigned arrived on the island they were settled in an upper class residence.  Oliver had never know such luxury in his life.   He moved about his very own apartment, as a just coronated king entering his palace.

At work there was a dress code, suit and tie.  to  keep with the standard.  And, there was a behavioural guide which spelled out how a  member of an American mission was to behave.

Oliver decided, as he sat in his luxurious flat that he could perform all the tasks required,  keep himself distant and quiet so none of his co-workers  would notice him.

Oliver’s reason for being on this little island had nothing to do with the Embassy rules,  he was here to find a wife. To find a woman totally subservient because she wanted a VISA.   

The woman had to be educated, a member of the local upper or upper middle class.  She had to be attractive and a number of other qualities.

Each day, after work,  Oliver would visit various local places. Most were populated by what he would call ‘trash’.  Oliver would not touch trash.  

On occasion his  team visited a college campus.   Oliver decided this would be his base.   He’d attend all the functions there;  dances and concerts and lectures  and meet someone.

Someone he would dazzle.


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