Oliver's Odyssey – 29

Oliver was unable to look beyond a very narrow band.  Unable to step back and view events with objectivity.   It was all Oliver all the time.   Needing to prove he was ‘irresistible’ to women and to off set his two previous failed (although he wouldn’t use that term) relationships, he began to have sex with many different women.

He’d never invest his feelings, thinking of them as objects, having his way then ending the relationship.  This boosted his ego, but caused his academic work to plunge.

Thinking he was brilliant, he did not grasp that he had been a pupil at a low ranked elementary school so had scored far above his classmates.

He never realised he was accepted at a prestigious High School as a token, as they had to integrate and chose a number of pupils from different schools as a way of isolating them.

Oliver never caught that this was the era of affirmative action, it was standard that a few non-white students who were really average in achievement were put on par with white students who had earned an ‘A’.

Needing to integrate Universities, the same process was practised and  a portion of students were accepted based on their race not their actual ability.

Hence Oliver was accepted at University not because he was so brilliant but because of his skin colour.

Being accepted made him believe in his superiority.  This attitude along with his focus on his sex life was detrimental to his education.

As  classes were not modified,  as he was in competition with those who had been accepted on their scores,  there was no special pass for him.

Even doing his best he only scored midrange.

Had he  gone back to the days of hard work and recognition that he knew nothing, he might have done better than average.


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