Oliver's Odyssey – 28

Oliver’s mother worked nights.  From the day he arrived in America until this moment, she left for work at 9 p.m., arrived at 10 p.m., worked until 6 p.m. arrived home at about 7 a.m. She’d make breakfast, first for her husband and her baby daughter, with some pushed aside for Oliver.

When her husband left, she needed someone to mind the little girl and brought up her sister, Zel.  Oliver’s mother expected Zel to be up, make her breakfast, clean up, and look after the little girl while she went to bed.

When Oliver attended University, at first he had a steady girl, Lorna, whose bed he used to visit. When her mother ended the relationship, he began one with a classmate named Maria.  Thinking he was so special, he went to break up with Maria, just to cut her down.   Unfortunately for Oliver she accepted it and moved on.

After that, Oliver wanted a lot of one night stands.   As his mother worked nights and Zel was a heavy sleeper, Oliver brought a girl home with him on occasion.   Different girls, in and out.  

There were a lot of reasons he could supply why the relationships were brief, which basically sounded like he lost interest   As he believed his own lies he would never accept that he was violent, selfish; an overly demanding narcissist.

He claimed he wanted one night stands, the girls would say he was a waste of time.

To survive, as a child he had convinced himself of  his superiority.  His triumphs at High school confirmed this. Gaining entry to University ‘proved’ his brilliance.  Hence, he need no longer labour.  He knew everything.

This feeling of superiority and control was his downfall.


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