Oliver's Odyssey – 27

When Oliver first arrived in America he was ten years old. He lived with his mother and her husband and his little half sister, Lola.  He existed as an unwanted, unloved appendage.

Then, his mother became pregnant again, her marriage fell apart.  This was good. One less enemy.

To supervise Lola, and the baby, Damion, his mother imported her sister, Zel, to assist.  Oliver was on the fringes, focusing on school, getting into University.  

He had entered a relationship with another student, Lorna whom he gotten pregnant.   Her mother ended that and their relationship.  

Oliver quickly found a fill in for Lorna, a girl smarter and prettier, named Maria.

As he felt she was too confident he thought he cut her down to size by breaking up with her, getting her to beg him to return.  

She didn’t, she moved on.

Although Oliver could never  admit it, he had lost twice.

He wasn’t going to lose again.


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Written by jaylar


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