Oliver's Odyssey – 22

Oliver continued his relationship with Lorna, deliberately trying to get her pregnant.  He was sure he had succeeded, although she didn’t admit it. He didn’t ask or say anything so as not to jinx it.

One evening, when Oliver went to check on Lorna her mother opened the door and told him never to come back.

He, acting like the husband,  tried to push his way in.  Angrily, she shoved him back into the hall, telling him;  “The problem has been fixed…”

“What problem?”  he said, considering punching her in the face.

Speaking in a sharp whisper; “She’s not having any baby.”

Oliver was angry. Lorna’s mother,  started shouting that she wanted him to leave,  getting the neighbours to open their doors.

Violently she said;

“You raise your hand to me, and I’ll chop it off…” and she showed him a machete.

The hatred in her face warned him, she meant it.

“You come near my daughter again and you won’t be a pretty boy anymore…”

And she slammed the door.

Oliver saw the neighbours.  It seemed they were dying to throw him down the stairs.  As if nothing happened, he turned and walked down.

He felt sad, robbed, a pile of emotions.  But when he reached the street and looked around, figured he was better off not having a child with Lorna.


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Written by jaylar

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