Oliver's Odyssey – 17

Oliver was a cold locked self absorbed teenager.   He saw his peers as inferiors, saw those older and stronger as enemies.  He always looked for the secret agenda, the trick.

He loved himself.  He was the only one in his world so he made everything matter.  

As he didn’t own or control anything he had no interest in what he didn’t have.  

He owned his brain, so filled it with information, not cartoons or games.

He owned his body so tended it with care and love, watching his diet, his exercise and was always aware of his position in space and what was around him.

High School was being deployed in a war zone, so he was always conscious of everyone around him, and kept himself apart.

Although it should offend his sense of superiority, he accepted the various emoluments and benefits of being poor, such as free lunch, books, bus fare.

After all, he was Oliver and Deserved it.


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Written by jaylar

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