Oliver's Odyssey – 14

When Summer break came, Oliver spent time with Rudy.   His mother treated him as a second son, taking he and Rudy to the zoo or the beach or a movie..

As Oliver lived as a ghost, his mother never knew if he were home or not.   As his mother focused on herself, her young daughter, forgetting that she’d brought up her son, there were never questions.

When he came home he’d always go straight to his room to change his clothing.

When he was indoors he’d  stay in his room, reading. For hours and hours he read. He stayed away from his mother and her husband.

Oliver’s mother got pregnant again and the relationship between the parents  moved from poor to worse.  Oliver heard the arguments as if it were a television show.

By the time her baby was born, her husband was gone. Oliver’s mother brought up his Aunt Zel to look after the children.

Oliver liked Aunt Zel and spent more time with her than he had ever spent with his mother.


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