Oliver's Odyssey -1

When he was sixteen, Oliver was close to perfection. That is, physically.  He had perfect bone structure, beautiful features and a flawless body.

When he looked in the mirror, from his toes to his legs to his hips waist and chest, up to his face and hair, he was impressive.

Perhaps, if he had a standard life, he might be as attractive inside as out.  But he didn’t.

It was not the incidents, it was how he saw them, dealt with them, and carried them.

Many children of single mothers are left with grandparents while the mother works.  She earns money to support her child or children.  Often, she can’t be where the child is, because the job is a distance from home, but it is that money which supports that child.

Some children understand this.  Some don’t.  And some, like Oliver develop a demi-hatred of their mother for ‘abandoning’ him.



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Written by jaylar

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