NYC Protest Against the George Floyd Death

Sunday, May 31, 2020

There was also a protest in NYC on Saturday. It was actually in Union Square. It looks like a vehicle was set on fire. And, a fire engine arrives to take out the fire.  People in the comment state that it was planned in order to divide and conquer. It probably was because there were a lot of riots on Saturday, in different big cities, such as NYC, LA, Seattle, and I think even Chicago. Maybe even more.

The first 17 minutes is on the fire. The rest of the video is on the crowd in the street, hollering and ranting at the cops. It is probably another George Floyd death protest. There are a few signs for justice in the George Floyd murder.

So far, I just notice this vehicle being set ablaze like a huge bonfire from 10pm to 11:44pm. Downtown streets are chaotic. There are more than one fires, and many people standing around loitering in the streets. Why aren’t any fire engines taking out the fire? There are a lot of police holding back a rowdy young crowd. Some guy is going on, ranting and calling out the cops, telling them what he thinks about them. More police vans join the fire engines.

The huge crowd is being pushed back. Some people are arrested. A white Correction bus comes by, maybe to pick up arrested protestors.


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