Now That it is Too Late – 4

When Karin went to work on Monday, Andy was not there.  His cubicle was empty.  

She went about her day, no one paying her much attention.  Some were  cold.  She knew they blamed her for Andy’s departure.  

In the afternoon, a new face appeared to take Andy’s place.   The staff was coldly polite  as no one was as popular as Andy had been.

Oddly, Karin missed him.  She didn’t want to, but did.  She told herself he didn’t matter to her, but he did.   She liked having him there.  She could always rely on him.

She didn’t want to get serious, as if there was some prince out there waiting to whisk her away, but there was no prince.

And Andy was gone.

As the days passed, as she entered that icy office, walking about, alone and ignored, she thought of Andy. It had been Andy who had made her ‘acceptable’.   Andy who sat at her table at lunch, Andy who spoke with her.  

Andy alone.

And now he was gone.


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Written by jaylar

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