Now That it is Too Late – 3

Andy did enjoy his going away party.  Karin wasn’t there.  He didn’t expect her to be.  He talked to everyone, drank, laughed, smiled, made himself feel good.

It was the best party he’d ever been to, and he was proud of himself for being able to park Karin in a far corner of his mind.

At the end, he was driven home, said good bye, and spent the last night in his flat.

Everything had been sold.

His cousin would arrive tomorrow, take him to the airport, then and clean out the flat and return the keys.  Meanwhile, Andy he would be enroute to his new job, far away.

He slept well, probably the liquor.  

The next day, as planned, his cousin picked him up, took him to the airport, they said good bye, and Andy went to the departure lounge.

He concentrated on his fellow passengers, on the decor, on everything not him.


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Written by jaylar

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