Now That it is Too Late – 2

Andy gave his notice.   His boss was hurt, took it personally, begged him to stay.   But Andy forced himself to be strong, forced himself to leave.  

Friday would be his last day.

They’d have a party for him.

It hurt, in a peripheral way as he did like the city, the other employees but getting away from Karin was the strongest impetus he had.

On Thursday Karin confronted him.  

Stepping in front of him, no more than two feet away,  looking into his eyes, she had the temerity to ask;  “Am I the reason?”

Andy looked at this woman who had ‘owned’ his soul for nearly six months and forcing his voice soft and bland replied;   “You’re not that important to me,”  gave her a half smile  with a forced look of contempt, and stepped around her.

She walked away as if he’d slapped her.


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Written by jaylar

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