Not Wasting Your Time – 5

There are a large number of ‘poor me’ folks.  

They get people to feel sorry for them,  so they can use them.    To ‘back up’  their ‘case’  they speak to a ‘professional’.

This is not going to an office, this is not an ‘official’ meeting, this is a waste of time on the part of the professional.  

The ‘poor me’  wants to be able to whine to his/her benefactors that s/he has ‘spoken to a —–‘

So there  is Joan, whining about how her house was captured by a mortgage company. She has nowhere to live.  She whines to someone who has flats to rent.

Feeling sorry for her, she is put up.

Joan has to maintain her fraud,  makes a show of speaking to lawyer.  She ‘proves’ to her benefactor that she is trying to ‘get back on her feet’.

In truth, she is going to rip them to bits.   In truth Joan is going to live in that flat until she is physically thrown out.   


What do you think?


Written by Chef Lee

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