Not My Sister's Keeper – 9

I tried to recall, when we were children, if Miri dragged a toy with her everywhere, or had  one  thing she could not do without, but could not think of anything.

I couldn’t understand her fixation on the dog, nor now on Lynn.

As a mother of three, I can draw a clear line between mothering and smothering, between concern and over compensation.

Miri carried Lynn everywhere, virtually never put her down.  She  didn’t want anyone to hold Lynn, didn’t want my children to come too near.

As a ‘veteran’ mother, I tried to give advice, but Miri ignored me.

Our visits dwindled and then were ‘spliced’ with visits to Alan’s family.  

We’d visit Miri on Sunday around eleven, then go to Alan’s folks.   This truncated our visits to an hour, maybe two. We wanted to keep our kids away from Miri as much as possible.

Alan predicted that if/when Miri had another child she would discard Lynn.

He was correct.  


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Written by jaylar

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