Not My Sister's Keeper – 7

Here comes the divergence.

Where I had children early in my marriage, Miri had a dog.  

Now here is where it gets interesting.

Cash, the dog, was the centre of Miri’s life.  I’ve heard of people turning their dogs into children, never appreciated it.  Until I visited Miri.  She was more focused on the dog, than I was on my children.

On the way home, my kids made jokes about it:.  

“Cash, don’t do that!”

“Cash I am watching you…”

Alan and I didn’t say anything because it was so ridiculous.

Cash was treated as were he a toddler whose mother couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

During visits, we’d try to have conversations  with Miri  but it was not possible.  She was enrapt by the dog.  It became so repulsive we cut our visits to once a month.

That is how it was until Miri became pregnant and had Lynn.


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