Not My Sister's Keeper -3

I spent very little time with Miri.  We slept in the same room, had the same wake up times, but there was little connection.

Think of it,  I was an over active child, interested in everything from dinosaurs to astronomy, from riding my bicycle to climbing trees.   Miri was sedentary.  She wasn’t interested in anything.  I might be going on about something and she’d say nothing.  

The most awake time we spent together would be on Friday evenings.

My parents always went out on Friday night.  Even before Miri was born,  Auntie Bea would come to stay when my parents went out.  

They went out on other days, weddings and parties and various occasions, but Friday was standard.

Miri and I would be fed early, Auntie Bea would come, and our parents would go out.  After a little conversation with Auntie Bea we would watch television then were in bed by  nine p.m.

When I was fourteen.  I was considered old enough to watch Miri, so she and I would be home alone until our parents returned.

I had been warned not to go out, so, I was stuck inside.  I tried to talk to  Miri but she never had opinions.   If I put her on the spot, asking her favourite character of a show we watched she’d often say, ‘whoever you like the best.’


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