Not My Sister's Keeper – 29 – End

Considering the results, I sometimes wonder if there wasn’t something I ought have done.

I go over the past, I question myself but ask:   What was I to do?  Take Lynn away from her mother?  Call Child Services?  

I don’t know why Miri was so focused on the dog, then forgot about the dog and focused on her first child, Lynn,  then discarded Lynn for her second child, Peter, then replaced Peter with Mark.

As a mother myself, I strove to never make a child feel unwanted or supplanted,  clearly Miri didn’t.  To her it was that the baby needed more attention.   Whomever was the baby got the focus.

I look back on my childhood, and never  saw any sign of this.  But then,   for me, who was three years older and very active,  Miri was environment.   I had my life and she had her’s, we were never close.

I wonder about Harvey, Miri’s husband, who was so remote and unconcerned.  Why did Lynn marry him?   Did they love each other?

I don’t know the answers.

I only know I never was my sister’s keeper when she was a child, nor as an adult.  I only know I lived my life to my best, and enjoyed it.




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