Not My Sister's Keeper – 28

Alan and I had a huge happy family and so many functions.  From graduations to parties to anniversaries, to holidays and weekly visits. Beside our three children, their spouses and children there was Peter, my nephew and his wife and children.

We treated Peter as if he was our child. 

Peter never contacted his parents.   They didn’t have his number, did not expect us to, they never asked.

I don’t think his parents knew or cared where he was.   I know it sounds strange, but no other explanation can work.

 Harvey, Peter’s father, never took an interest in his children.   All the years we had visited, Harvey would stay in his man cave.

 Miri, my sister, only focused on her last child.

Just as Miri had focused on the dog, then on Lynn, then on Peter, she now gave all her attention to Mark.

He had turned into a repulsive person and was a good reason not to visit her.


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Written by jaylar

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