Not My Sister's Keeper – 26

Over the next years we visited Miri once or twice a month,  always on our way to elsewhere.

Her last child, Mark, was the most repulsive ever encountered.    He was spoiled, rude foul mouthed,  the kind of kid that needs a good slap.

  He had been  tossed out of various schools and Miri always had excuses.   Almost every visit we had with  Miri concerned laying blame for his behaviour on the schools.  

As we were far out of the picture she couldn’t blame me or my children.  We’d let her talk, then leave. We never mentioned her forgotten children, Lynn and Peter.

It was impossible to erase those memories when Lynn was the centre of her Universe, then it was Peter,  and now Mark.

If she had another child, Mark would be in the dung heap, but fortunately for him, she didn’t.


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Written by jaylar

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