Not My Sister's Keeper – 21

We didn’t visit Miri that weekend, we went away.

I tried to understand why and how Miri could overwhelm her child, virtually smother her, then discard her.

Alan had no ideas as to why Miri would have focused on the dog, then when Lynn was born, totally withdraw all affection all interest.  Why, when Peter was born, Lynn was discarded as the dog had been.


We had three children and never relegated them, never made one feel that they came second to another.

No matter how we examined it, there was no reason for Miri to so shut out Lynn that she had no idea exactly when she left or where she went or her connections.

It was not that Alan and I were snoopy or intrusive, we just knew out kids, their friends, their interests, the places they went.

Isn’t that parenting?


What do you think?


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