Not Meant To Be – 1

When it happened

I was talking to Geo when there was a ripple of voices from across the room.   We walked over. Excitedly, Cali showed me her ring.  

“That is really beautiful…”  I said.

It didn’t hit me.  Not then, not for a couple of minutes, that what she showed me was an engagement ring.  As I realised it, I went into zombie.


Tony must have called me more than once, and I put my finger in my ear to symbolise I hadn’t heard him over the exclamations of the women, and came towards him.

“Your phone’s ringing…”

I went to my desk, took up the phone. 

 Took me a bit of time to get myself back to who I was before I saw the ring.  Fortunate it was a common business call with the answers easy and standard. When I hung up I got out of the office, out of the building, and went walking, somehow winding up at a bench near the harbour.

I sat down and tried to get the world to make sense.


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Written by jaylar

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