Dora, a female abuser, had found her victim, Ben.  He was an unattractive man who was estranged from his family.

He was alone, save for Dora and her people.  Her family became his family.

Dora never argued with Ben, he was sure he ‘wore the pants’.   But Dora did what she pleased.   He could ‘decide’ whatever he wanted, and she would never dispute.  She would do what she chose.

Ben assumed Dora was slow, and submissive.   He never appreciated she was clever and contemptuous.

Over the years, Ben bought Dora a car inserted her name on the title to the house.  

As Ben had nothing more she wanted, she went for a divorce.  

Her friends, whom he thought were his friends, helped her establish grounds.  They twisted Ben’s words and actions, so at the end, when the divorce was granted,  the house was ordered sold, the proceeds divided in half.

Dora left a marriage with half the proceeds of a house she didn’t pay for, a car she didn’t buy, and all sorts of goodies, from half the bank account, plus alimony and child support. 

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