Examine the facts.

Don requests assistance from Lynn,  She is a lawyer.  He wants to reopen a matter that resulted in his dismissal fifteen years ago.

The first question, of course, is why has he waited for fifteen years?

The next point;

Don  does not send Lynn the full transcript of his hearing.   He cuts out all the facts, sends her a fragment.

Why didn’t he send the full transcript?

If you have ever encountered an Abuser, you know the answers.

If Don gave Lynn the details she would have immediately been able to properly advise him.

As Don is an Abuser, the point of the exercise was to waste Lynn’s time and be able to prove that he would have been a better lawyer than she is.

Getting back his job, overturning his dismissal was not the point of the exercise.

The point was to have Lynn ‘fail’ and affirm his superiority.

Fully grasp the meanings here.    Don created a ‘challenge’ that was for Lynn to fail.    With no one in his ambit, he attempts to recycle, trying his old tricks.  As Lynn learned her lesson, as Lynn analysed her relationship with Don, examining each aspect, she did not fall for his trick.


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