The ‘legend’ was that Morty would beat Madge when she made him jealous.   He would beat Madge because she was flirting.   That was not true.  Any analysis of the relationship would prove that Morty pretended to be jealous to have a reason to beat his wife.

Abusers need a reason, just in case they have to explain why to any one.  They need a reason and create reasons.

When Madge left Morty, had she spent time going over his behaviour, realising he enjoyed beating her, and even were she was locked in a cell and saw no one; he would still beat her, she would not have ended her relationship with Casey.

Casey was a fine man.  They had been dating and she was falling in love with him.  When he mentioned that an old school friend of her’s, Jack,  was flirting with her Madge heard Morty’s voice. Madge heard it,  and expected a beating.

She ended her relationship with Casey before he beat her.  But Casey had no intention of beating her. Jack had been flirting, and after Casey left, tried to back her up in the hallway.

This is the error when one doesn’t analyse a relationship.

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