It is not simply that a woman ‘rips off’ a man, it is that she destroys him.  

The Female Abuser will terminate his connections to family and friends.

In some cases, her  selection of him is based on his estrangement from his family and lack of friends.

His isolation is vital for her project.  

Where he still has connections, she will endeavour to destroy them.  She does it softly.  She doesn’t jump up with some angry or comprehensive narrative, no.   She says nothing.  Not a single word against or for his people.

She just makes them as uncomfortable as possible.

Whatever it is she can do to chase them, she will.   She will fill the house with cats if she knows someone on his side is allergic to them.

She will blast the air conditioner day and night, keeping the room at 75o if she knows one of his people has low blood pressure.  

Whatever she has to do to alienate his people, she will do it.

When he is separated from everyone and she has taken all she can get, she leaves him.

The destruction of his life, is vital.   This is where the pleasure comes in.  It isn’t just getting a car or half a house, it is owning his life.

When she is finished with him, those who may still speak with him, hold him in a kind of pity contempt.  

This treatment undercuts his ego and he will never be the ‘man’ he was before.

His next relationships, if any, will be thin and he may become abusive as if to fix woman 2 for what woman 1 did to him.


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Written by jaylar

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