Neurotic – 5

Dee explained:

“Ann Marie had chances at many things from a degree to a career but made the wrong choices.   She’s thirty nine now.  It is evident she’ll never be married, never have kids.  She can’t conform or even accommodate anyone but herself. “

Greta was laughing,  “About a week ago I heard this howling from behind the building, and there was Ann Marie, (finger quotes) ‘singing’ at the top of her voice. “

“She saw me, didn’t stop.  Softly, I asked her to tone it down.  But she kept going.  Then the security guard came to escort her off the premises.”

“She wants attention,” Pam flicked, “that’s what these women want.   The reason for the attention is irrelevant.   ‘Everyone look at me!’  is the creed of people like her.”

“You mean people who don’t take the existence of other people into consideration.”  Cindy offered.


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