Neurotic – 4

“We made our choices.”  Pam announced.  “Focus on the meaning of choices.   Having choices..”

Pam took a deep drag on her cigarette.

“Some of us married or didn’t,  not because we were desperate or needed a man, or a Mrs. in front of our name We choose to have or not have children.  It was a choice we made.  WE made it.” 

 Pam emphasised the ‘We’,     

” This wasn’t desperation or accident.”  Pam said, stubbing out her cigarette and adding;   “We are the architects of our lives.   Teresa never was, never will be.”

The women reflected on Teresa.   

She was a ridiculous neurotic woman in her late forties.  From a distance hearing her loud discordant laugh or voice one might think she was young, childish.   Seeing her, it was clear she was closer to dementia.

She was one of those neurotic women who finds herself nearing the end of childbearing and is unmarried, unwanted.   

“Y’know, following your paradigm…” Dee began,  “Ann Marie is in nearly the same situation.”

They’d met her, a tubby little falsely happy creature who lived in her own world of whack.  Although a bit younger than Teresa, Ann Marie was every bit as neurotic.  

Another woman who had chances and lost them.


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