My Huffy Has a Flat Tire…

Saturday, 9.25.21

This afternoon, I decided to ride my bike around. But when I took it outside, I noticed it had a flat tire. I am not sure how to pump a Huffy’s tire. I think the tire has to be undone, take something out, and then pump. So, now, I need to find a place that fixes Huffy tires, and a bike shop close by. I found 2 in the area. One is open on Sunday, while the other is open on Monday. I have to call both to see who will do it, and they place my Huffy in the back of my VW New Beetle, which isn’t easy. But I have no choice. I hope one of these two bike shops will fix it, and maybe teach me how to do it on my own, if possible. 

I just found out that tomorrow is Mercury Retrograde, which is already playing chaos with my life with my Huffy’s sudden flat tire. 


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