Misconceptions – 14 – End

That people are so easily and willingly deceived is the reason why misconceptions proliferate.

It is easy to manipulate the minds of most people.  One need merely know their prejudices or to whom they bow the head.

Most people are thoroughly unable to think for themselves.  They take their opinions from their ‘owners’.  

Years ago one could blame the lack of access to information.  

If one lived in a small town, or in a place where there was censorship they simply wouldn’t know or be able to find out. They were given the excuse.  But that is not the truth.

The truth is far more unflattering.  

With the Internet widely available, with the ability to visit hundreds of different sites to research any aspect of life, people simply prefer ignorance,  prefer to take opinions from their owners.

If someone claims; “Vaccinations cause Autism”  they accept it.   

That people are now dying of measles might possibly alter the misconception, but one assumes people can think for themselves, can view cause/effect.   And this is a true misconception.



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