Misconceptions – 11

The misconception is that an ‘invasion’  means a military incursion.  

This has been disproven for over 100 years.   An Invasion can be psychological, can be done behind the scenes getting one segment of society to overcome another.

China has invaded 124 different countries.   It does so by  pretending it is giving aid, it is helping build infra-structure.

As it  shows no interest in the political arena, seeming oblivious to who is in power or what the outlook is, no one seems to notice.

That is, no one, but the people ‘on the ground’  who experience Chinese ‘oppression’.

Those who may be hired to work on a road and given no safety gear, unlike their Chinese ‘bosses’.   Those who are effected by the badly done work, the destruction of water pipes; causing flooding or no water.

Those who have a village infiltrated, captured and turned into a China Town.

The fact that the countries ‘gifted’ with a ‘Belt & Road’ project will be repaying China for the next century seems to be missed.

The fact China owns the airports and ports and can have a government do what it pleases is unnoticed.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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