Messing Up – Not My Fault


When Amy applies for a job, and is required to list previous employment, she requests another sheet of paper.

Amy has, in the past ten years, worked for so many different employers that it might be  a Guinness record.  On might assume, that when she notices others might list three or four places, she  appreciates she is a bit abnormal.

But she doesn’t.

If Amy is  asked how it is that in ten years she has worked in fifty different places; some for a whopping three months, others for one week, she will make virtually the same statement;  It is the fault of coworkers or the boss or the rules.

It is never Amy’s fault.

Amy lives in a world controlled by her ego.  She can mess any opportunity by blaming others for how they speak to her, what they say, the demands they make.

Amy will mess up any job she’s given.  

And never ever appreciate that she is the problem.


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Written by jaylar

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