Messing Up – Family – 2

Oscar’s father was gravely ill.  He had to be there.  Nothing else, no one else mattered.

His phone battery had long since died, and it meant nothing to him.  Not that someone might be trying to call him, or that he should call someone.  Oscar forgot about his wife and child.  It was as if they were a fantasy and his father was real.

Mindy had called and called and then gave up.

Years ago she had  watched a television show  where a particular character, wanting to get out of his marriage gave his wife the excuse of his mother dying.

In the show,  the character left and there was no contact.  Finally, the wife was able to contact the mother who told her she wasn’t dying and the husband wasn’t there.

Mindy didn’t want to believe this was happening to her, but there was no alternative.

Oscar hadn’t called her, had shut off his phone, so who knew where he was?

There was no sense in sitting here, crying and moping, trying to make ends meet as if this was some temporary situation when it was likely to be permanent.


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