Messing Up – Family – 1



He married Mindy.    He felt as if he’d won a life prize.  Then, she got pregnant and they had a perfect boy, born the day before their wedding anniversary.

Life was everything he wanted.

It was nine months after the birth of their son, when they lives had fallen into a pattern when,  early Tuesday morning, Oscar received  a phone call.  His father was gravely ill. He told Mindy he had to fly out immediately.   

Mindy wanted to go with him, but the baby was too young to travel, so she would stay here.  He would fly thousands of miles alone to be with his father.

Oscar packed a bag in record time,   Mindy drove him to the airport.   He kissed her and the baby, then ran into the terminal.

Oscar ran onto the plane, took his seat, and all he could think of was his father.   Memory after memory drowned him.

While Oscar flew away, Mindy drove home,  called Oscar’s office to explain that he needed emergency leave.  She got ready for work, the baby sitter arrived, and Mindy went to her job.

Oscar sat on the plane thinking of his father until he fell asleep.  

Mindy got through the day, came home, made dinner, and sat with the baby, wondering if Oscar would call.

When the plane landed,  Oscar caught a cab to the hospital where his father was.  He saw his brothers and cousins, sisters and aunts, his family.

He forgot about Mindy and his son.


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Written by jaylar

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