Mercury Retrograde Issues Continue…

Sunday, 10.17.21

This morning, I drove to the Woodbridge Yoga Meetup at the park. I didn’t sleep all night because I drank coffee at 5 pm yesterday. The weather was very warm and sunny at 10 am.  At 11:30 am, I returned home to change my shoes and purse, and I went to Albertsons to buy Gumby his weekly litter as well as some cat canned food. I also bought some black thread, shower caps for henna, patches, and other small things. 

I steamed my small plaid robe. I had recently washed it in the washing machine, and I forgot the load there until last night. I noticed this robe and my light jacket had holes all over it. The other items were OK. I really like that robe, which I usually wear with short pjs. I decided to save it by ironing on some patches over the tattered holes. I tried my Xsteam and I noticed it doesn’t do iron-on. Just steams. I don’t know what happened to my old iron. So,  I went back to Albertsons and bought the one iron they have–a light green Procter-Silex Iron and some more patches. I returned home and ironed on patches over the large tattered hole areas on my cute but sad robe. It kind of looks fun. I usually wear this robe during the summertime because it is light. 

I handwashed my light jacket because it also mildew stuff on it. So, I soaked it in a water, distilled white vinegar, and baking soda. I might buy some patched for it from Michaels to cover the holes on it, recently created from the washing machine. Now, it is hanging in the shower to dry. I don’t know why the washing machine messed up two clothing items like that.  This is all Mercury Retrograde week….

I ate dinner. My nextdoor neighbors got a new puppy. They have two dogs now. 


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