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Marry To Marry – 4

Jake Marshall was over six feet, muscular, could box, knew judo and karate and lived at the gym.

He had been her trainer.  

The gym he worked for was the fifth she had joined and,  unjoined.  She wasn’t looking for exercise.  She wanted a husband.

Jake had been   polite, sort of shy, quiet.  Seemed okay.    She did a flirt, and finally he asked her out.  He told her that it was against the rules for him to date a member of the gym. 

So she resigned.

The relationship crawled along until finally he got up the courage to kiss her.  Finally to ask her to marry him.

She instantly said yes, called  her folks and told them she was getting married.

They wanted the big deal wedding.

She said she was getting married at an all-inclusive in Jamaica.


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Written by jaylar

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