Marry To Marry – 14

Over the years, Penny’s parents came to visit. Jake’s folks lived nearby so she saw them all the time. It was Jake’s folks who gave Matthew his support system.   When Jake went  back to full time at the gym he could leave Matt with his folks.

If Jake came back early he’d take Matt home, if not, Matt would spend the night there.

Penny had no problems.

In first days of their dating, as it was moving to serious, she had Jake pick her up at work. She introduced all the possible predators to him so they’d never think of trying to harass her.

After marriage, she had him collect her once a week, tapering to once a month, to insure no one forgot how big and strong her husband was.

After almost two years,  Penny knew her point was made.   She could now come and go as  she pleased, certain nothing untowards would happen.


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Written by jaylar

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