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Marry to Marry – 11

Penny  had gotten pregnant on the honeymoon.  Better to get it over with early, she thought.

She continued to work until she virtually went into labour.  After twenty hours she gave birth to Matthew.

She stayed home for three days, then Jake stayed home.  

She told him she’d keep working, they needed the money. He could take leave to care for Jake or she would hire a Nanny.

Jake had little ambition but didn’t want to become totally dependent on Penny.  It was decided he would work at the gym from seven to ten, then on weekends.  

Penny thought that was  a great idea and that she’d get a Nanny so he could start at five so as earn as much as possible.  Jake contacted his parents who would happily take care of Matt when he was unable.

Penny thought that a great idea but did get in contact with a suitable Nanny candidate just in case some work emergency came up.


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