Manipulation of History – 18

“History belongs to the Victors.”  

The recountation of the ‘winner’  is taken as true.  As long as the ‘winner’ holds power, their version stands, and the ‘statement’ of the loser is kicked aside.

Often, no one bothers to find out what ‘really’ happened.  

As time passes, the event fades and the Victor’s recountation passes as fact. But then, from other sources, bits and pieces emerge, which cast doubt on the truth of the accepted ‘history’.

If the ‘Victor’ still holds power, these doubts are buried.  If the Victor has lost power, then truth emerges.

One needs to double check many accepted events from ‘disconnected’ sources.  

For example, the creation of Lloyd’s of London.  Insure ships against whom? And how many ships were captured by the Moors (Africans) within a period of time?  How many claims were paid?

When one does the research, going back to the earliest days, the understanding of the power of the Africans can not be swept away.

Of course, few people bother to do this, which is why History is so easily manipulated.

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