Making Lemonade – 8

It was so strange for Brenda to be home before dinner time.  To help prepare, make suggestions, and spend time with her daughter, Cindy.

The next day Brenda rose refreshed.  She went to work without rush.  She reached on time. Not unexpected, angry staff asked why she hadn’t answered her pager.

“Oh gosh!”  she said, slapping a hand over her mouth as she raced to the staff room as if she’d left it there; as if she ‘forgot’ the pager in the locker,  not shut off in her pocket.

When she  returned to the front desk with the pager, she noticed all the missed summons.  She made a general apology to everyone as if she meant it.

But she thought:

(I worked here  longer than anyone.  During the past six months I devoted my life to the Emergency room.  I left my family to rot to be here.  And I’m kicked aside as a stone.   And no one had the decency to tell me there were other candidates. That I wasn’t on ‘probation’  I was temporary, until the Board made its choice. Not me.  Someone could have told me, someone could have told me, but no one did.)

Deciding to be as duplicitous as her employers,  Brenda slapped a cheerful look on her face,  took a file and went to see the patient, a nurse and intern with her.

She let the intern do much of the work, being as sweet and helpful as possible, then left him and went to the lounge.

Brenda decided she would take a fifteen minute break sometime before lunch and a fifteen minute break sometime after lunch.  And lunch would be one hour.  One full hour.  

Her working day, which last week was twelve hours, with only a few minutes ‘stolen’ here and there, would now be six hours and thirty minutes as standard.  


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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