Making Lemonade – 4

Arriving early, Brenda did a bit of housekeeping around the hospital, and emerged when she heard some singing in the corridor.

There was Doctor Eric Bevin being confirmed as Senior Attending.

Not her.


Brenda, angry, went upstairs to Admin to understand how he got it, she didn’t, and no one had the decency to tell her.

Doctor Miller talked in circles, and Brenda was so angry she couldn’t dare a word.  She walked out  of the office, and left the hospital.

She didn’t go to the counter across the street, she went to another place up the road. She ordered a bowl of soup and sat quietly, slowly eating,  She didn’t know whether to scream, curse, quit, or cry.

After the soup, she went into the lavatory, into a booth, and began to cry.

Suddenly she recalled something that happened ten years ago.


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Written by jaylar

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