Making Lemonade – 3

Brenda committed herself to the job.  She focused on it, beyond her family and herself. There were many times she came home so tired she fell asleep in her clothes on the couch.  Many times it was hard to wake her for her shift.

There were times Brenda would lie down in the lounge at work and it wasn’t until a frantic Tim called her that she would wake and learn that although she’d lay down at three to catch a few minutes, it was now ten at night.

Tim understood the importance of Brenda getting the post, so tried to do everything he could. When Brenda was home treated her as a virtual invalid, because she worked so hard.

Some days she didn’t get to eat lunch so he would buy her small bottles of energy drinks and push one in her bag each morning.

Brenda worked hard for those six months of what she thought was her probationary period, then, went home, expecting to be officially appointed tomorrow morning.

She relaxed, slept, woke early, and went to work.


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Written by jaylar

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