Making Lemonade – 13

During the year Brenda was paged a few times and came in.   She let everyone else take the lead, but in such a way it wasn’t obvious.

Many residents and interns would push forward, offering suggests, ideas, arguing, and she would stay to the side.  She didn’t say anything, do anything unless demanded.

Everyone else was ambitious, anxious to prove their skill.  It was so easy for Brenda to  stay in the background.

Where Brenda did excel was in patient relationships. The patients loved her, they gave her the highest ratings.   People would enter emergency and ask for her.

Compliments arrived almost daily and the Board could not fire her for ‘shirking’ or any such offence. Although they wanted to order her to move quicker, they couldn’t risk losing the commendations she received which contrasted to the cargo ship of complaints against other doctors.

Of course Brenda was shirking, of course she was walking out bang on her quitting time.   Of course calling her to assist was a waste of time for she never took the lead, showed interest, standing there waiting to be given an order.  

Those who recalled the Brenda who was an attending did not recognise this one.


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