Making Lemonade – 1

When Doctor Sullivan unexpectedly died, they quickly pushed Doctor Miller into his position.   That meant they needed an Attending in Emergency.

Dr. Brenda Newman had been in the Emergency Department the longest, was well liked, so they made her the Senior but only temporary, as there was a bureaucracy to follow in these kinds of appointments.

Brenda happily took the position, although it was a lot more work and responsibility.  

As a resident she had worked between eight and ten hours a day.  Before she was married, before she had a child, there was nothing to go home to, so the hours were not onerous.

When she married, she wanted the eight hour day, and did her best to avoid being anywhere around the Admitting desk as her seventh hour had passed.

Of course, this was no guarantee she wouldn’t have to stay on or that she wouldn’t  be paged to get back.

Being given this appointment  as Attending did mean a bit more money, longer hours.

But Brenda was ready.


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Written by jaylar

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