Living With a Brat – 7

Here was the joy;  Monday to Friday I had the office and Gabi had school.   Come Friday afternoon when her father took her until Sunday evening when he returned her, I could have a social life.

I could go out, I could have friends, like any human being.  Having friends was something I couldn’t do with Gabi present.    She would become erratic is she felt she had to ‘share’ me with anyone.   Being insulting to a guest, noisy, obnoxious, making demands;  when Gabi was there, no one else could be. 

Week days were not bad.  I had the Nanny and  usually came home by six, seven at the latest.  Gabi, who had to get up for school was in bed by nine.

I know I sound like the world’s worst mother, but that is because Gabi was the world’s worst daughter.

She never wanted my advice, she never listened, and only spoke to me to make demands;  “I need money for ….”  (fill in the blank).

Having seen how kids get addicted to their cell phones,  I bought her one.  This meant that every time I  came near, Gabi would jump  on her phone. As she did, I’d walk away.  

I blessed the cellphone.


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