Living With a Brat – 35 (end)

As I sat in his kitchen  Daniel told me about his marriage to Sherry, a marriage that didn’t last a week.

He went into detail as to how he met her,  how he had loved her from afar, how he married her.  He didn’t say it, but the way he phrased it I knew she had been pregnant when they married.

But meeting Gabi, seeing what she was,  appreciating the effect Gabi would have on her life,  Sherry had chosen an abortion and  annulment.

That is to indicate how horrid Gabi could be when she wanted.

I could imagine this Sherry, confronted by Gabi and thinking to herself, no.  NO.  I don’t want this, so fled.

Gabi chased Sherry away,  ‘owned her father’   then left.   Left to live her own life.

I felt so sorry for Daniel, but  I thought;  ‘better you than me’.

I know it is cruel, and selfish, but I understood Gabi.   I had gone to school with ‘parenting eating’ brats.  I’d seen the effect of putting children first on lonely co-workers.

I didn’t do it.  I was happy.

I had a good husband and a beautiful son.  I had a job, a life, friends, a future.

Daniel, who had put Gabi first, had no one.

This is the price of living with a brat.



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