Living With A Brat – 29

Things were different for Daniel.  

He had almost had a life. He had met someone who had married him.  But Gabi destroyed it.  She made  his obligations to her over ride that to his new wife.

So, gone was his new wife.

His wife never lived with him.  Apparently, meeting Gabi that morning chased her to a lawyer’s office where she applied for and was later granted an annulment.

All Daniel had was Gabi, and was left with no one when Gabi went away.

This issue of ‘child over spouse’ had been discussed in the office a few years ago.  There had been a situation with a co-worker, Maude, who put her child first and wound up with no one.

A lot of parents do it.  

They make the child the centre of their lives.  The child is not going to make the parent the centre of theirs.  The child is going to put friends and adventures and jobs and concerts and just about everything else before the parent.

Wise parents know this, so let the child create his/her life, and take steps back.   Brats will demand every atom of attention until they decide to leave.  And couldn’t care less that they are abandoning someone who needs them.


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Written by jaylar

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