Living With a Brat – 28

With Gabi gone to live with her father, our lives became so much sweeter.  It was as if Brad and I had lived at the bottom of the sea with all that pressure and now, were suddenly floating.

We could do what we want.   We could eat out during the week or have a dinner party.   We could invite friends over.

Although it might seem peculiar, we could never do these things with Gabi present.  

If I suggested eating out she didn’t want to go or go where we had chosen.  We couldn’t invite anyone over because she would have one of her tantrums.  

Now, with her gone Brad and I and our son were the family. A normal happy, loving family.

Gabi had, by choice,  removed herself from it, and I wouldn’t do a thing to change it.

Months passed.  When Gabi graduated High School she spent the summer with friends, not with her sad lonely father.

When she returned she was off to college far away.

Beyond a few emails, there was almost no contact between Gabi and I.  To be honest, it was not a problem.


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