Living With a Brat – 27

Some years ago, there was this big discussion where Brad and I were employed.  

One of our co-workers, Maude had been divorced, (as Daniel and I were). They had a daughter, (as Daniel and I had).

There had been custody arguments and Maude got the daughter.  

If Maude didn’t focus on that child to the exclusion of everyone and everything else, daughter would strive to hurt her by claiming she was negligent and demanding to live with her father, shouting;  “I hate you!” 

At the age of twelve, Maude’s daughter had gone to live with her father who had a girlfriend.  When he refused to break up with the girlfriend, as daughter demanded,  daughter  returned to live with Maude.   By this time,  Maude was seeing someone. Daughter made it clear, either the boy friend goes or she does.

This time Daughter was successful.

Maude broke up with the boyfriend.   The boyfriend went on to marry another coworker.   This totally destroyed Maude. There was no one in her life but  daughter until, at eighteen she left home.

Now Maude had nothing but her job.  No husband, no child, nothing.

The discussion centred on whether or not the mother should have broken up with her boyfriend to please her daughter.

I, and others, felt she should not have.   We felt she had a right to her own life. I said it, and now I lived it.


What do you think?


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