Living With a Brat – 25

Brad and I  arrived at Daniel’s flat the next day after lunch.  Gabi was her sour self, Daniel was a sad Teddy Bear and his new wife wasn’t there.  

I found this rather odd, but said nothing about it.

The three of us, Brad, Daniel and I sat in the living room.  Daniel cautiously asked if anything had happened to predicate Gabi’s arrival, and we drew blanks.

Daniel seemed to feel that ‘something’ had happened.  Brad and I went outside for a short private discussion then returned.

Gabi could stay the week and then we would figure out what came next.

On the way home I told Brad;  

“As soon as Daniel’s wife sees Gabi, experiences Gabi, she’ll be gone.”

Before Brad and I married he had said;  

“Gabi is your daughter.  If she wants me as her father, she will make the first move.”

Gabi never made that move.   And I doubt she ever would.

I also didn’t know that my opinion in relation to Daniel’s new wife and Gabi had already occurred.


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Written by jaylar

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